Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. Today was one of those day where everything went wrong. I went to sign up for a new agency. I took one of their crappy drug screens. It said I was positive for methadone, THC, and PCP!  Right!  Went down to parking lot and the fee was $12. Had no cash. The parking attendant didn’t fall for my lovely smile like he did last time. So, I had to leave my car and walk to the ATM, in the rain.  I drove to the hospital and they knew nothing about me, of course, and I waited an hour. I had to pay for my own drug screen, but, their ATM wasn’t working, so I gave them cash, leaving me $1 out of the $100 I got out of the ATM. How was I going to pay the $5 parking now?  Went to do drug screen, got a guy nurse. He wanted a photo ID but I left all my crap in the car cause the agency wanted to copy it, oh man. At the last minute he took my Samm’s Club card with a photo on it. It was hard to pee. They gave me a parking validation but I wasn’t in that lot.  Went to leave and lost my parking ticket. Walked out into the rain.  Went to “pay your parking fee here” and punched “lost ticket”. They wanted me to pay double $10. They didn’t take credit cards and I had $1 cash. I decided to drive over 2 sidewalks in front of a clinic and ditch the lot. Yippee. Best decision I made all day.  I drove out fast so no one could get my license number. Got on the 405 and 20 minuntes later realized I was driving the wrong way. In the rain.

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